For Men

Cosmetic procedures are no longer 'for women only.' With the baby boomer generation moving up in age and working longer, more men are seeking ways to improve their appearance to gain an edge over stiff competition in the job market.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) show that both surgical and non-invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular with men. It is interesting to note that these statistics show the differences in types of procedures sought between men and women. 

Click here to view the ASPS Gender Distribution Statistics.

                       Joe's Skin Care Center Experience

"It turned out better than I expected. I've abused my skin by overexposure to the sun. I have an outdoor job (in construction) and have always gone out and enjoyed the sun whenever I could. I would recommend the procedures that they offer at NPS. The treatments cleared my skin and helped tighten it. I use retinol which has helped tremendously. I am also being treated for rosacea and the products and treatment are helping with that problem.

"Ardie has done a tremendous job with my treatment and care of the skin. She is a person that cares and does her job with pride and expertise!" — Joe Bakaric, Age 60

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  • "Ardie taught me how to use make-up to de-emphasize the effects of the natural aging process."

    ~ Marcia Doty

  • "I am 110% satisfied and have much more confidence. I receive compliments on my clear skin and make-up a lot."

    ~ Laura Doty

  • "Within two treatments the 'mask' I had from pregnancy was gone! Ardie understood what I needed, listened to me and took care of my problem areas."

    ~ Heather Johnson