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Andrew D. Messa, MD (retired)

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Andrew D. Messa, MD, retired from Northland Plastic Surgery in April 2015.  Much as we miss him, we are thrilled for him to be enjoying life in a new way.  


Please watch for our announcement of a new surgeon joining our team.


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  • "I can move better than before. My legs have more flexibility and it is easier to walk. These procedures have been very effective - they have made me happier and my scars look better than ever." ~ Ashley
  • "My experiences at Northland Plastic Surgery have been very positive. They have gone above and beyond to make sure I always received the necessary treatments." ~ Candy
  • "The surgery effectively removed the folds of my eyelids which had impaired my vision. Northland Plastic Surgery is an immaculate facility with efficient and friendly staff. I will recommend NPS to others." ~ Richard