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Reconstructive Surgery Testimonials


  • NPS 1518 Alexis 06 web

    Alexis was sitting in the stands at a high school hockey game when she was hit directly in the left cheek by a hockey puck at high speed. She suffered displaced fractures of the nose, maxilla and orbit, resulting in dramatic deformity. In addition, she suffered a laceration of the lower eyelid.

    Her care required open reduction and internal fixation of the fractures and repair of the laceration. She is pleased with the early results, and we expect further improvement as her scar tissue matures. She graduated on time with the rest of her class and started college the following September.

    "They did an amazing job on the surgery. Everything's healed up very nicely, and I feel good. I still have a while for everything to be completely healed, but it's coming along great. I'm so thankful for everyone involved. The care given was extremely thorough, and they made me feel very comfortable." — Alexis

  • Dr. Fowler went above and beyond to make sure to explain everything to us and to make sure we were comfortable! Highly recommend him to everyone!
  • NPS Ashley 1447 13 web
    Ashley was just five years old when her life was suddenly changed forever. She was caught in a gasoline fire and suffered severe, life threatening burns.

    Ashley was addmitted to our service at Miller-Dwan Burn Center with deep burns to 65% of her body. She required surgery to her chest, legs and right arm. Ashley's condition was critical for a long time, but after four major skin grafting surgeries and seven weeks of intensive care in the Burn Center, she was finally able to go home.

    Since, Ashley has undergone nine additional reconstructive surgeries to improve both function and appearance. At age 18, she has enrolled in Duluth Business University's Medical Assistant program. Ashley's ultimate goal is to work in a burn unit where she can serve as an example to children facing the challenges she herself has had to overcome.

    "I can move better than before, My legs have more flexibility and it is easier to walk. These procedures have been very effective — they have made me happier and my scars look better than ever." — Ashley

  • “I was very nervous when I came in. Doctor and staff calmed me down and made me feel at ease. Can’t thank all of you enough for being so kind.”
  • NPS Barbara 1498 02 web
    Barbara underwent bilateral mastectomy in 2001 after a diagnosis of breast cancer. She underwent bilateral TRAM flap reconstruction after experiencing some problems with implants. She is cancer free and is pleased the results.

    "I am amazed at how the surgery turned out! I look in the mirror and see form and natural softness that has been missing since my mastectomy. Ecstatic, confident and VERY thankful for the success of my surgery are some of the adjectives I would use to describe my results. The people working at Northland Plastic Surgery are wonderful. The staff, from the front desk to the nurses, treated me in a warm, friendly, competent and personal way." — Barbara

  • "I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Weber and it was the best decision / best experience ever! He is wonderful. I went from a 32 G – H cup to a 32DD. I always had to buy 36 G/H bras and special order them because they didn't make a 32 with big cup size. I was scared, but Dr. Weber was so kind. He told me whenever he was going to do an exam what was involved. I especially appreciated that when he held my breast to examine me that he understood this was a part of me!

    "Now after a year I had an unusual experience when I went for my mammogram exam. The nurse told me that she sees thousands of breast reductions and mine were excellent! She asked for Dr. Weber's name so she could recommend him. I have very little deep tissue scars and my other scars are hardly noticeable! I have written this to help other women like me!"

    — Theresa
  • NPS 1519 Candy 12 Final web
    Candy presented with a large lesion on the dorsal aspect of her nose. This lesion proved to be basal cell carcinoma. She underwent excision with frozen section biopsies of the margins. Complete removal of the tumor required removal of a large portion of the nasal skin. Reconstruction required a two-stage procedure turning a flap of skin fromt he forehead down to resurface the nose.

    "My experiences at Northland Plastic Surgery have been very positive. They have gone above and beyond to make sure I always received the necessary treatments." — Candy

  • NPS 1549 Christine 07 web
    Christine sought our help because she was suffering from back and shoulder discomfort, as well as headaches. After a careful consultation and a thorough education process, she decided to proceed with breast reduction surgery. She has had a smooth recovery, and her pre-operative symptioms are dramatically improved.

    "I was nervous and a little unsure how much of a difference it would actually make. Now I can say that on an everyday basis I feel the tremendous results. I can do more physically, and my shoulders no longer ache. The unexpected bonus is that I feel more feminine again. I just feel better abut myself." — Christine

  • NPS Colleen 1461 05 web
    Coleen came to our office to discuss problems with her nose. She had suffered an injury 20 years prior and was having trouble with obstruction of the left nasal airway. She was also unhappy with the appearance of her nose. She pointed out a dorsal hump that she did not like and perceived her nose to be too large and too long. An exam revealed her airway obsruction to be due to a deviated septum.

    Coleen underwent a reconstructive surgery and cosmetic rhinoplasty in 2002 at NPS. The procedure was done as an outpatient surgery through small, intranasal incisions. Today she is enjoying much improved breathing and she is very pleased with her improved appearance and facial balance.

    "I had a deviated nasal septum which impaired my breathing. Since the surgery I have equal airflow through my nasal passages, and I am more happy with my has given me a 'softer' look." — Coleen

  • "I want to thank Dr.Weber and all of the staff I have had the pleasure to encounter. I was treated with the utmost respect and warmth right from the start of my visits with your clinic. After just receiving a very scary diagnosis of breast cancer, and facing reconstruction, I really had no idea about what to expect. Dr.Weber was very kind and patient in answering all of our questions and providing adequate information regarding my choices for reconstruction. I left like I was a part of every decision that needed to be made and was encouraged that "it is your decision", and then helped to understand each step. This was empowering as a patient, when my life was changing very quickly. All of the staff at your clinic made my "new journey" so much easier. I can't say enough about the professionalism, warmth, and personal care I have received. Thank you!"

    —  CT.
  • NPS 1511 Jordan 09 web
    Jordan was born with a cleft lip and palate. These were repaired when he was a child, but as a teenager, he was left with residual deformity that bothered him. He had som retraction of the lip, a noticable scar and a reconstructive rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting. He has much improved symmetry and is pleased with the results.

    "The results are fantastic. We took Jordan out of town for a previous surgery that had disappointing results. I wish we had taken him to Dr. Baertsch much earlier in the treatment process. His work will make a difference in our son's life." — Jordan's Parents

  • NPS 1517 Larry 03-web
    Larry suffered an accident while at work as an industrial steel painter. Paint solvent was injected into his finger under high pressure. This required emergency exploration of the finger for decompression and debridement of the chemical and necrotic tissue. The finger was saved but an open would with exposed tendon required a cross finger flap reconstruction. He has returned to work and has about 80% of normal finger motion.

    "I know I wouldn't have this finger if weren't for you guys — if I'd gone anywhere else, I know they woud have amputated it. I work with a lot of guys who are walking around with missing fingers after their accidents. As bad as it was, it was a great experience there. Everyone was so patient and explained everything to me." — Larry

  • NPS 1457 Monica 03 web
    Monica struggled with her weight for years. By age 34, her weight had increased to 298 pounds and she decided to undergo bariatric surgery. A year following her gastric bypass surgery, she had lost 125 pounds, but her body image was still impacted by long folds of hanging skin and soft tissue.

    After consulting with us, she decided to proceed with a lower body lift. We removed the excess skin and tissue of the lower abdomen, flanks and back, as well as re-contoured her torso. She has done beautifully. Monica is now enjoying all the health and emotional benefits of reduced weight, improved body image and increased energy.

    "AMAZING! I could not believe the difference between my before and after pictures. Dr. Rishavy performed an artistic miracle. I had no idea I had a shape under all that skin! The staff is compassionate — never did I feel uncomfortable." — Monica

  • "I would like to thank Dr. Baertsch and all the staff that work with him. He did a reconstruction of the first reconstruction of implants put in after cancer followed with a mastectomy 15 years ago. I STILL had to wear prosthetics in a bra AFTER THAT surgery. That doctor didn't tell me he couldn't do nipples on my breasts.
    "Dr. Baertsch did a beautiful job and I have nipples for the first time in 15 years! I DON'T have to wear any prosthesis and I can go into a regular store and buy a bra! I feel whole again! I am very grateful to him for the work he does to help people.
    "I also want to thank the nurse who tattooed the nipples. She was a sweetheart! People who do good things that bring happiness – I call 'angels' here on Earth. Thank you all!"
    ~Geri Boyd
  • NPS 1462 Richard 1 web
    Richard was referred to our office because he was experiencing difficulty with obstruction of his upper visual fields. We found his symptoms to be due to excessive hanging upper eyelid skin (blepharocholasia). 

    An evaluation by his opthalmologist, including visual field testing, documented that his visual problems were due to the upper eyelid redundancy. His insurance company approved reconstructive surgery, and he underwent bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty.

    After a short recovery, he is pleased with the dramatic improvement in his vision, and he has a natural, age appropriate, but more rested appearance.

    "The surgery effectively removed the folds of my eyelids which had impaired my vision. Northland Plastic Srgery is an immaculate facility with efficient and friendly staff. I will recommend NPS to others." — Richard

  • NPS 1568 Sandy web
    Sandy came to us with a three year history of numbness, weakness and aching, particularly in her right hand. She underwent Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel release and within a few weeks her strength returned, and she was using her hand normally.

    "I am a hairdresser and use my right hand all day. I healed faster than I anticipated and was able to go back to work three weeks early. I have recommended NPS to many clients, and they've also reported back to me how happy they were." — Sandy

 Skin Care Testimonials

  • NPS Marcia
    "When I turned 60, I felt the effects of aging skin. The microdermabrasion treatments at The Skin Center have given me a much younger, more vibrant look. The treatments were painless and relaxing...and they have significantly lessened the fine lines around my mouth and eyes. They are well worth the investment.

    Ardie taught me how to use make-up to de-emphasize the effects of the natural aging process." — Marcia Doty

  • NPS Stephanie
    "I had horrible acne and had actually skipped events in my life because of a broken out face. The treatments, skin cleanser and make-up completely cleared up my face." — Stephanie Johnson
  • NPS Laura
    "I am 110% satisfied and have much more confidence. I receive compliments on my clear skin and make-up a lot." — Laura Doty
  • NPS Heather
    "Within two treatments the 'mask' I had from pregnancy was gone! Ardie understood what I needed, listened to me and took care of my problem areas." — Heather Johnson
  • NPS Sandra
    "My experience has been nothing but professional and effective. I highly recommend taking your skin care regiment to a higher level with The Skin Care Center." — Sandra Nelson
  • NPS CarmaJoe
    Spending time together and seeking adventures are things they both enjoy. It was no surprise that they decided to see what they could do to combat the signs of aging. Together they came to the Skin Care Center. The improvementt hey have seen in their skin has resulted in some surprised looks when people have found out their ages. Mission accomplished!!

    "My skin looks noticeably healthier. The skin care products have diminished age spots and blemishes, and reduced fine lines. Also, I have purchased make-up products. They are user-friendly and finally I have the correct color tones. I think the procedures and products have taken 10 years off me!" — Carma Lind, Age 58

    "The results were better than I expected. I've abused my skin by overexposrue to the sun. I have an outdoor job (in construction) and have always gone out and enjoyed the sun whenever I could. The treatments cleared my skin and helped tighten it. Ardie has done a tremendous job with my treatment and care of the skin." — Joe Bakaric, Age 60